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Pymatuning High Speed Internet Service

Business High-Speed Internet Access Service Options and Charges - 24 Month Contract. Note: Actual speeds may vary. See Service Level Agreement form for actual factors that may cause speeds to vary.


The modem and whole home wifi equipment are the property of PT Communications.

Installation Services

If Customer agrees to maintain PT Communications High-Speed Internet Service for a minimum contract period of 24 months, installation will be provided free of charge. Should Customer discontinue PT Communications High-Speed Internet Service within the contract period, Pymatuning Communications will bill Customer a $185.00 Early Termination Fee, plus any remaining charges, on Customer’s next statement. Customer will be charged $25.00 to move the service to a different address.

The non-contractual charge for installation of PT Communications Broadband Internet Service is $185.00. The rate includes wiring and programming to the Telephone Demarcation Point (modem or jack). Connection to other devices and/or any other work performed will be billed on a per hour basis, with a one-hour minimum charge.

Surge Protection

Customer agrees to properly surge-protect the computer equipment and any additional devices attached to said equipment. PT Communications is not responsible for any conditions, outages, or problems that result due to power surges and/or lack of surge protection.

Firewall Protection

PT Communications is not responsible for any external intrusion to Customer’s network equipment. Customer is responsible for providing firewall protection in an effort to help prevent intrusions. Since this service is an “Always On” connection, it is PT Communications’ recommendation that Customer have appropriate firewall protection on Customer’s equipment when using PT Communications’ High-Speed Internet Service.

Virus Protection

The customer is responsible for virus protection on their computer(s).

Wireless Security

If a wireless router is used on the customer’s High Speed Internet connection; it is the customer’s responsibility to secure the wireless network.

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