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PT Communications High-Speed Internet

Service Options and Charges - 24 Month Contract

Service Options and Charges - 24 Month Contract

Note : Actual speeds may vary. See Service Level Agreement on reverse side of this form for actual factors that may cause speeds to vary.
Note : Static IP available upon request.

Modem/Router Lease $7.99

Installation Services

Free Contractual Installation
If Customer agrees to maintain PT Communications High-Speed Internet Service for a minimum contract period of 24 months, installation will be provided free of charge. Should Customer discontinue PT Communications High-Speed Internet Service within the contract period, Pymatuning Communications will bill Customer a $185.00 Early Termination Fee, plus any remaining charges, on Customer’s next statement. Customer will be charged $25.00 to move the service to a different address.

Non-contractual Charge For Installation
The non-contractual charge for installation of PT Communications High-Speed Internet Service is $185.00. The rate includes wiring and programming to the Telephone Demarcation Point (modem or jack). Connection to other devices and/or any other work performed will be billed on a per hour basis, with a one-hour minimum charge.

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